COVID-19 Info

We are deeply invested in protecting the safety of our staff and patients at all times.

Face Coverings and Social Distancing

Face coverings that protect both the nose and mouth are required while inside our office. While inside the office, we endeavor to keep visitors in separate areas of the premises unless they have arrived together.

Screening for arrivals to the office

Due to the increase of COVID cases with the onset of Fall and Winter 2020, we are restricting foot traffic at the ThriveAPC office, and ONLY STAFF ARE PERMITTED TO ENTER THE OFFICE without calling ahead to review screening questions. When you arrive for a scheduled visit please park and call 774-318-4205 to answer screening questions and we will let you know how to proceed from there. Thank you for considering everyone’s safety through the pandemic.


We perform testing for COVID-19 on a VERY LIMITED BASIS for patients of the practice and by special arrangement. Any and all testing is performed BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.

Due to the increase of requests for COVID testing here at ThriveAPC effective Winter 2020-2021 we perform them curbside rather than permitting patients to walk into the office. When you arrive please park in the lot off to the right while facing our building and call 774-318-4205 for a screening and to address any questions you might have. Afterwards, one of us will come to your vehicle to perform the nasal swab and send you on your way.

Indications for testing

There are fundamentally two reasons to get tested as an outpatient: (1) risk for passing along a COVID infection, or (2) possibility of treatment for a COVID infection.

Read more in the latest blog post on this topic.


Due to strict storage requirements, we do not have access to the COVID-19 Vaccine at this time. Locations and appointments for COVID-19 Vaccination in Massachusetts can be identified through this link:

A message to patients and caregivers of patients from Dr. Medeiros at Thrive Adult Primary Care:

The Coronavirus Pandemic has been crippling in countless ways to our society. At long last, with the roll-out of vaccines, we are at a stage of working towards bringing things back under control.

I would advise anyone who has access to the COVID-19 vaccine to proceed with obtaining it when they have the opportunity. There are very rare exceptions to this advice, just as there are some rare exceptions to obtaining the flu vaccine.

At this point in time, while evidence is indeed limited, what we have overwhelmingly demonstrates that obtaining the vaccine is far less dangerous than being infected with the virus. One’s goal in becoming vaccinated is not only personal protection against COVID-19 infection, but also to diminish the risk of being an asymptomatic carrier, and passing along the virus without knowing it.

Once again, in summary, with very rare exception, I advise obtaining the COVID-19 vaccination when eligible.

A detailed outline of Vaccine Eligibility in the state of Massachusetts can be seen at this link:

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