Get to know us at ThriveAPC

Personalized service, attention to detail, top-notch quality… In our book, there are no substitutes for these professional virtues. We look forward to working with you.

Mary A Medeiros, MD, MPH

President, Founder, Physician

“Saving the world one person at a time” was only one reason Dr. M went out on a limb to open an independent Primary Care office.  Mostly, she did it to be emotionally available to family and friends, and to get back to loving the practice of Medicine.  Her firm belief is that there is always and only one standard worth attaining: “BETTER.”

Patricia (“Trish”) Cucchi, MA

Clinical Manager

Trish has dedicated the duration of her career to delivering compassionate and high-quality patient care. Having served in a variety of clinical settings, Trish’s skill set is unquestionably at its best caring for people one-on-one. Having done medical assisting for decades, she is showing NO signs of slowing down! Her warmth and energy keep us thriving, for sure. 🙂

Lisa Ballou


Lisa served as Practice Manager for a local OB/GYN office until the physician’s retirement in 2021. She now brings her years of expertise running a medical private practice to ThriveAPC. It is a privilege to bring aboard her flexibility and professionalism as of November 2021!

Nicholas Tomasello

Billing and Tech Manager

Nick began interning with us on a volunteer basis in 2022 and rapidly proved his ability to bring a long-awaited modern edge, helping to collate informatics and design projects that can carry ThriveAPC to the next level.

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