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Personalized service, attention to detail, top-notch quality… In our book, there are no substitutes for these professional virtues. We look forward to working with you.

Mary A Medeiros, MD, MPH

President, Founder, Physician

“Saving the world one person at a time” was only one reason Dr. M went out on a limb to open an independent Primary Care office.  Mostly, she did it to be emotionally available to family and friends, and to get back to loving the practice of Medicine.  Her firm belief is that there is always and only one standard worth attaining: “BETTER.”

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Laura Stanikmas, RN, BSN

Clinical Manager

Laura’s extensive experience with both Primary Care and Home Health positioned her to do a great job taking care of our patients. Her intelligence, efficiency, warmth, and sense of responsibility are what make her excellent at it.

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Patricia (“Trish”) Cucchi, MA

Medical Assistant

Trish has dedicated the duration of her career to delivering compassionate and high-quality patient care. Having served in a variety of clinical settings, Trish’s skill set is unquestionably at its best providing face-to-face care. She completes our team by joining ThriveAPC as of August 2020!

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