Maiden Voyage with Vlogging – What is KNX?

I have been dreaming about doing something like this for a long time.

In fact, after I lost my brother in 2015, I had a host of ideas play out in my head regarding ways to publicly honor his memory. For someone like me, who more or less grew up on a stage, it’s hard for me not to do that. But then… I found myself consumed (again… see previous blog posts for reference) by the same thing that took him.

DEPRESSION. What is it, though, really? Well, on my prior blog posts I’ve endeavored to address it both clinically and personally. But my life’s purpose has been consumed with this at so many levels, that I’ll never be satisfied sharing what I’ve come to understand only through an essentially invisible blog.

I want to… I need to… touch the future in such a way that reduces the prevalence of depression in the generation of my children (known popularly as Gen Z), and perhaps in the generation that precedes them (Millenials). Unfortunately, for most members of my Generation (Gen X) and those who precede me (Boomers), it may already be too late. {=-< But if anyone in those brackets is touched by what I do, I am happy to count it a win.

At any rate, bear with me. I’m brand-spanking-new to this, but if I don’t start then it will never happen, and in my incessant mind, that isn’t an option. What I endeavor to do here is just as much part of my ongoing personal journey as I hope it to become part of yours. Or part of the journey for someone you care about who needs this.

I will be telling stories. Some will be about folks who have given permission or for whom details will be altered to protect their privacy. Some will be personal stories, but they will all be shared in the name of exploring ideas and truths — please don’t walk away with some false idea that you know everything about me based on what I decide to share. My personal business is going to stay personal, make no mistake.

I will delve deeply into theoretical concepts of neuroscience, social biology and even metaphysics without insisting on adherence or belief — these are just MY ideas waiting to be beta-tested and vetted. It wouldn’t surprise me at all to be completely debunked over the course of this explorative process, but for those who have not studied a scientific discipline, here is some news… truth cannot be found without giving air to possibilities that are eventually found erroneous. However, it is essential to remain open to probing and critique with every claim that is proposed, rather than stating unproven theories as if they are facts. I hope to contribute to this philosophical approach, which is desperately lacking in society today.

I will share music and poetry not because I expect acclaim, but because in my soul it begs to be shared, whether you like it or not (LOL)! And because the essence of depression and its variants simply can NOT be encompassed exclusively in scientific data-mining. In fact, the clearest descriptions of psychiatric illness are inarguably depicted in art.

In short, after churning and churning for years, I am reaching out to see what KNX.

If it works for you, I look forward to you joining me. If it doesn’t work for you, please feel more than welcome to just move on and find your own path. I won’t step on yours if you don’t step on mine, deal?

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