Flu Vaccine Clinic – Wednesday 10/19/2022

To our valued patients, families and caregivers:

Every Fall, we proudly team up with MBs PharmaCare of Whitinsville, MA to host Flu Vaccine clinics at our office in Franklin. We will just be hosting one this year, and would love to see you there:

Wednesday 10/19/2022
9:00am – 4:00pm

Thrive Adult Primary Care
835 W Central Street
Suite 4
Franklin, MA 02038
Phone (774) 318-4205

Please note:

1) These clinics are NOT LIMITED to patients of our practice! All are welcome, so bring your family members and tell your friends!

2) All insurances are accepted.

3) Children as young as 9 years old are welcome also!

4) Per mandate of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, face coverings are still required to enter our office. If you forget yours, we will gladly provide you with one.

Questions are regularly arising at this point about getting COVID-19 booster vaccines, too. In short, I do recommend getting vaccinated against the latest strains of COVID-19 every Fall/Winter, just as I’ve always recommended vaccination against updated Influenza (flu) strains every year. A few other thoughts on this:


  • I also advise, when possible, to try to separate the timing of these vaccines by approximately one month, to give your immune system ample opportunity to mount a substantial protective response to each vaccine. However, if your only opportunity to get either or both vaccines is to get them at the same time, or within a shorter time frame than a month, please go ahead with that rather than miss a vaccination.
  • By now we are all aware that activating the immune system to fight against future exposures to either of these respiratory viruses can cause some of us to feel ill for up to a few days, so plan accordingly.
  • There ARE exceptions to EVERY “rule”, and there are certain individuals for whom the risk of getting vaccinated might truly outweigh the benefit. No one can perfectly predict this, but certain aspects of medical history can signal where the balance might be tipped in such a direction. If you are uncertain, PLEASE DO discuss the decision with your doctor before proceeding.

It is our pleasure and privilege to support you in optimizing your health. Looking forward to seeing you!

Dr M 🙂

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