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What a way to start My Day!

Please eavesdrop on a conversation I had the privilege to enjoy this morning with a longtime extremely dear friend: Musician, Software Engineer, Tech Specialist, and now Video Podcaster — David Hunte.


Dear Patients and Caregivers, This message is being sent as a notice of my upcoming family vacation: ***I will be away from Saturday February 19, 2022 until Sunday February 27, 2022*** No patient visits will be performed that week, although phones will continue to be monitored regularly during our office hours of Monday thru Wednesday, …

A Moment for Art

Some days, you just need to share. Oh, and please pardon the hair. [=-\ Haha, did I just drop a rhyme there? Anyhow, on to the rudimentary daily affair. [;-) Per request, here are lyrics to the song in the video: VAGABOND

The Anatomic Mind-Body Connection

I have often wondered why we talk about a “mind-body connection” as if it were some vague, ethereal, spiritual thing. Last I checked, everyone’s head is attached to their torso. And the wiring is rather specific, too. Allow me to show you.


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