Dr M Vacation notice July 17-24, 2021


To our treasured patients and caregivers,

Here we are, past the halfway point of 2021!  Despite what the world has been through, Thrive Adult Primary Care has continued to grow, and we are exceedingly grateful you have chosen us to quarterback the health care needs of you and/or your loved ones.  It is a privilege to participate in such a personal, meaningful way in each of your lives.

With a very hectic and unstable 18 months behind us, we are poising for a slight slow-down.  We normally reach out responsibly to patients with multiple weeks of advance notification when I plan to be away for vacation, but there have been so many transitions recently that it completely fell off my radar to send this message before this moment.  Please accept my deepest apologies.

I will be out of state with my family from Saturday July 17, 2021 until Saturday July 24, 2021

The office doors will be closed that week, although phone messages and emails will continue to be monitored regularly during our office hours of M – F, 9am – 3pm as our amazing staff, Laura (Registered Nurse) and Trish (Medical Assistant) will continue working remotely in my absence. 

For urgent medical matters after hours, it is strongly advisable to be evaluated promptly in an Urgent Care Center or Emergency Department.  Intermittent phone coverage after hours from my medical colleagues will also be made available and information will be updated on the Office Voicemail line where applicable.

While most of my time away will be spent in the mountains, I am happy to report that I will have a cellular signal and internet access for much of that time and will continue interacting regularly with Laura and Trish.  However, in addition to being unavailable for in-person visits during that week, I also will not be performing any Telemedicine Visits.  Please respect any recommendations from our staff to be evaluated urgently (e.g., in a local Urgent Care Center or Emergency Department) should the situation call for it.  Meanwhile, rest assured that more routine matters will continue to be dealt with in a timely fashion.

Please also be aware that these amazing ladies will also be away for their own hard-earned vacation time on separate weeks during the month of July.  When one of us is away, the other two are still maintaining office operations, although appointment availability may be more limited during those times.

Thanks so much for trusting us with your Primary Care needs, and for your patience as we rejuvenate ourselves to remain at our sharpest and best on your behalf.

Warmest regards,

Dr M 🙂

Mary A. Medeiros, MD, MPH
President, Founder, Physician
Thrive Adult Primary Care, PC

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