Coming back, rejoining the pack

Blogging is such sweet sorrow. One pours out his/her/their soul only to discover it dropped into an abyss of emptiness.

Haha! Actually, the reason I decided to resume blogging is the very realization that few, if any, will read this… which opens up a long-sought freedom to express myself with limited inhibition. I see this as practice, of sorts. I have a lot of catching up to do when it comes to throwing one’s thoughts into the pot of collective consciousness, and it is far safer to do so when there is a ‘chance’ for an audience, but without the threat of social shame that inevitably accompanies a large audience. I’m excited!

For now, this is all I will say because every thousand-mile journey begins with the first step. And Step One is to start. Here goes, and hoping to return soon for more!

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