How good does it feel to get real?

Success! Following my first blog post in a long time, there has been no controversy and probably even no views! I relish in the liberty of tech idiocy, whereas I lack the sense to determine whether or not I have an audience so well, that it simply doesn’t matter. And this is great: I have stuff on my mind, I feel like saying it, but I don’t feel like getting into arguments. I also don’t feel like sugarcoating. I’ve waited a long time to say this and I am already loving it: “I’m too old for that shit.”

I proudly welcome you to the World of the Gen-Xers. Or… at least to my Gen-X world. I was born in 1978, I barely qualify, but… I DO qualify, and I own it with pride. All pretense has been shed, all fear is in the past. I rap, I rock, I cuss, but only because I am. Don’t like it? ‘Fraid I don’t care. Oh, you do like it? Sorry… but I care even less. If I wanted approval, I would be publishing this on a platform that gets views, like Discord or Snapchat. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are already obsolete, MFs! IG is probably somewhere in-between. If you are reading this, thanks for joining me in the Digital Stone Age. Or… nice to meet you, Bot.

We all came away from the tipping point known as The Year 2020 having extracted lessons. At least for me, 2021 has been even harder. And I don’t expect things to get easier, at least not as far as circumstances go. I DO plan to feel more at ease with every passing year… day… minute. But it will not be a result of the world being an easier place to live. It will only be because I have learned to adapt.

At any and every moment, I expect the unexpected. I am never disappointed.

The Next Pandemic is on the horizon. Actually, it is already here… claiming its first victims with increasing frequency day by day. If you want to know what it will look like and how to prepare… check back.

Out. For now.

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